Falling Off (Official Video)

Our epic music video for the single 'Falling Off', shot at Shutupfool Studios in Essex and featuring the considerable dancing talent that is Romeo Cuizon, Janna Pearson and Dre Dela Rosa of Colchester's Freestyle Motion Crew.

Overcome (Official Video)

Bringing you ‘killa’ beats and rock riffs, electro-dirt, four piece Killatrix unveil their new single Overcome

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Supersonic (2016 Cut - Official Video)

Spun, like we're circling the sun, like two beats dropped on a drum, like the minute we'd begun, you got me.

From the forthcoming album 'KLTRX'

Available in all good online stores from 19th August 2016

Bad Language (Official Video)

Killatrix return with the dark and distorted grooves of Bad Language. One man, against another. No strength in the bad.

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FRFGT (Official Video)

Killatrix return with a new single and video just ahead of releasing their mini album KLTRX. Shot at Shutupfool Studios in Essex, FRFGT takes a South American infused back beat and juxtaposes it with some very British noise.

Special thanks to the brilliant Francesca Rooney for choreographing and performing her graceful ballet to our dirty Latin breaks.

From the forthcoming album 'KLTRX'

Available in all good online stores from 19 August 2016

Falling Off (Mat Tha Hat remix)

Mat Tha Hat's fantastically funky, glitch hop remix of Killatrix's Falling Off, has sexy synths and deep grooves that are impossible not to bang your head to.

FRFGT (Acoustic Version)

FRFGHT recorded at Shutupfool Studios

You and I - Pvris (Killatrix Cover)

Here's our cover of Pvris' You and I, recorded on a cold Saturday morning in Essex, U.K. - enjoy!

Decode - Paramore (Killatrix acoustic cover)

More acoustic goodness, this time our cover of Decode by Paramore, recorded outside in the cold spring air, competing with the birds and cars to see who could be the loudest.

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